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Skin Care Creams and Lotions

Hair Care Preparations


Household & Commercial Cleaning Products

Other Services

New Zealand Cosmetic Laboratories

Household and Commercial Cleaning Products
  1. Prewash stain remover
  2. Liquid Laundry Detergent
  3. Sanitising Powder
  4. Window Cleaner
  5. Toilet bowl Cleaner
  6. Carpet & Lino cleaner
  7. Oven Cleaner
  8. Liquid Soap (Commercial Use)
  9. Carpet Cleaner
  10. Soaps (boxes of 60's)
  11. Bleach
  12. Laundry Powder
  13. Fabric Softener
  14. Disinfectant
  15. Dishwashing Liquid
  16. Liquid Scourer
  17. Applicance & Floor cleaner
  18. Carpet Deodorising Powder
  19. Fragrant Air
  20. All Surface cleaner
  21. Furniture Polish
Other Services

As a manufacturer for international markets we pay extra special attention to any trends or regulations that may affect our business or the business of our clients in their markets.

We carry or will source information on behalf of clients that is necessary to ensure the products being manufactured meet international regulations, ultimately responsibility for complying with any regulations rests with the client, however, we will, to the best of our ability advise any known restrictions.

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