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New Zealand Cosmetic Laboratories

We are well known for our ability to produce some of the most technically advanced Hair Care Preparations available, supplying international clients with professional salon use only products.

We make colour cosmetic powders for many of the leading international cosmetic houses.

Hair Care Preparations
  1. Shampoo (for all hair types)
  2. Conditioner (for all hair types)
  3. Anti Dandruff Shampoo
  4. Conditioning Rinse
  5. Baby Shampoo
  6. Lanolin Hair Care
  7. Hotel Amenity Products
  8. Spray Gel
  9. Hair Gel
  10. Hair Gloss
  11. Treatment Product
  12. Goats Milk Hair Care
  13. Hair Spray (non aerosol)
  1. Family Talcum Powder
  2. Silken Luxury Body Powder
  3. Highlighter Powder
  4. Baby Powder
  5. Foot Powder
  6. Bath Slats
  7. Sparkling Body Powder
  8. Auto Dishwash Powder
  9. Sanitising Powder
  10. Carpet Deodoriser

For the protection of our customers and the end consumer, we only use the highest quality Sterilised Baby Quality Grade Powder as the base for ALL cosmetic and body powders manufactured. Any colourants used are those recommended by the Food & Drug Association and are acceptable for export to countries that have restrictions on colourants.

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