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New Product Delopment

The first step in any new product development involves an in-depth consultation to establish the criteria the product is expected to meet, followed by development of formulations to specification by our laboratory, testing of these formulations and then production. Indicative prices are usually available at this point.

To outline the procedure briefly:
Initial formulations are made in our laboratory and submitted to client for appraisal and the best performing formula is agreed upon.

Tests are then carried out to ensure the stability of any preservative system used in the formulation (Challenge testing). Thus takes at least 6 weeks at a cost of $NZ60 per product. It involves the introduction of typical bacterial contaminants that could possibly have an adverse effect on the formula.

Once the final results of the Challenge Tests are available adjustments are made to the formula (if necessary).

Testing of the finished formula completed. Firm prices will be advised along with lead times for production.

Upon acceptance of our payment terms and receipt of a firm order, the product is scheduled into production and shipping or delivery dates can be confirmed. Concurrent with above, packaging is either supplied by client or sourced by us as required.

Contract Manufacturing
Laboratory Facilities

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