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New Zealand Cosmetic Laboratories

Laboratory Facilities

In house laboratory facilities are available which meet the majority of our product formulation and research and development needs.

Occasionally special or extra tests may be needed; we will advise the best possible procedure to fulfil these criteria and will arrange for the tests to be carried out with the relevant specialist testing laboratories anywhere in the world.

Before any products are released from our factory they are sent to an independent laboratory for Bacteriological Testing; no product is guaranteed until these test results are received in writing.

Many countries require a copy of this Bacteriological Report to be submitted as part of their import regulations.

Quality assurance and quality control checks re carried out frequently during the manufacturing process to ensure all products meet specifications 100% before dispatch.

These checks include:
     Specific Gravity

Our chemists constantly review and improve formulations to ensure the latest technical developments in ingredients are available to our clients.

A substantial resource library of formulations is also available.

New Product Development
Importing & Exporting

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