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New Zealand Cosmetic Laboratories

Introduction to New Zealand

New Zealand Cosmetic Laboratories Limited premises are located in Auckland, New Zealand.

New Zealand is a two island nation of the South Pacific - our closest neighbour being Australia. We are known internationally for being a country of unspoilt beauty; our clean, green environment attracting many tourists worldwide.

The climate is temperate, with daily temperatures ranging in the summer months, (Nov-Mar) from 18-28 degrees C. Winter temperatures range between 8-16 degrees C (May-Oct).

Two thirds of the population of 3.5 million people are concentrated in the North Island. There are four main centres: Auckland & Wellington (North Island), Christchurch and Dunedin (South Island). The capital city is Wellington, however, Auckland is the largest city with a population of 1.5 million. International airports are located at Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

The economy is primarily agricultural with sheep and dairy product being our main exports, followed by forestry products and textiles. Our key trading partners are Australia, Japan, USA, Canada, Korea, Taiwan, Germany, Hong Kong, the Pacific Islands and the Middle East.

Politically New Zealand is a democracy, with a stable electoral system. Elections are held every 3 years; the current government, the National Party, are conservative.

Our Gross Domestic Product has been showing growth of 2%-4% over the past three years, with inflation being held at 1%-3%. Unemployment is steady at about 9% and is showing signs of declining.

Company Profile: Table of Contents
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