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New Zealand Cosmetic Laboratories

Contract Manufacturing

On behalf of clients we will either manufacture to client specification, or develop products in the following categories:

l   Skin Care Creams, Oils & Lotions
l   Hair Care Preparations
l   Cosmetic Products, Lipsticks etc
l   Talcum Powder
l   Household & Commercial Cleaners
l   Liquids and Powders

Our service can include the sourcing and supply of all raw materials and packaging on the behalf of our clients either from local sources or internationally.

We will work with clients assisting in the design of the most appropriate packaging for any product.

Our wealth of experience in the international marketplace enables us to advise if any environmental or cultural considerations need to be taken into consideration in the country the product is intended to be sold in.

As an Affiliate Member of the Association of Beauty Therapists of New Zealand we are able to pass on the latest thinking on specific ingredients from the professionals in Skin Care.

The Company and Expertise
New Product Development

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