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New Zealand Cosmetic Laboratories

Overview of the Company

New Zealand Cosmetic Laboratories (NZCL) were established in 1946. We manufacture a wide range of skincare, colour cosmetics, haircare, natural products, toiletries and cleaning products.

The core business is contract manufacturing tailor made products to suit our customers requirements, and NZCL have many multi- national companies who contract NZCL to carry out their manufacturing for them.

High speed lines for cremes, lotions and tubes product can produce 50,000 units per day on each line. Smaller less automatic machines are used to produce orders for clients of smaller volume.

Attached is a list of some of the various formulations we hold in our database. These formulations are only indicative of the products manufactured by NZCL to date. If you have a special formulation or development need - we are always ready to assist. NZCL have a Research or Development laboratory using the latest technological advancements.

NZCL offer everything from fill only to full service. We will help get involved in the sourcing of special raw materials and packaging on behalf of our clients. Working with clients on design, and giving helpful ideas if required on the presentation of the products.

The companies products undergo bacteriological testing by an independent laboratory to ensure the quality is perfect before we deliver.

Any Brands of NZCL

NZCL do have a high class skincare and haircare range called "APT" Advanced Procream Treatment, using a lipid from New Zealand Dairy cream.

"Mill Valley International Cosmetic Company Limited" a full cosmetic house brand which is sold on a direct selling basis in New Zealand, Scandinavia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Australia, and Hong Kong.

NZCL are looking for:

  1. International markets for Mill Valley that are untapped.
  2. Distribution for APT skin and haircare.
  3. Private Label clients we can manufacture for contract work.

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