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New Zealand Cosmetic Laboratories

NZCL - Merlin Product Range


"Cleans like Magic"

A range of household and commercial cleaning products that was formulated to match the market leaders initially to enter the retail market.

Formulations were so successful that a new marketing strategy was incorporated. Merlin now is sold via Franchise Agents who have major distribution areas.

The markets are Restaurants, Hotels, Motels, Prisons, Factories, Shops, and even a home delivery for the domestic market.

Products are in 5lt and 201t sizes and are also available to commercial customers in 2001t drums.

Products included in the range are:

  1. Airfreshener
  2. All surface cleaner
  3. Automatic dishwash powder
  4. Oven cleaner
  5. Carpet lino cleaner
  6. De limer - for jugs to remove the lime build up
  7. Dishwashing liquid
  8. Pine Disinfectant
  9. Fabric softener
  10. Laundry detergent
  11. Laundry washing powder
  1. Liquid floor cleaner
  2. Liquid soap
  3. Prespotter
  4. Sanitising powder
  5. Liquid Scourer
  6. Toilet bowl cleaner
  7. Window cleaner
  8. 100gm bath soap (boxes of 50)
  9. 20gm oval guest soap (boxes of 500)
  10. Shampoo & Conditioner - for home or salon use

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